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IP Hider – Surf the web anonymously

by Arjun Tandon on September 18, 2008

Nowadays, surfing the web can be dangerous if you do not take necessary steps to protect yourself. Privacy is the biggest worry while you are online. Websites can secretly gather information about you and there is this fear of being hacked. All this is possible because of your I.P. address, which is your machine’s online identity. Each user connected to the net has a unique I.P address and thus can be traced through it easily.

So how do you mantain your online privacy? A simple and effective solution can be the use of a software like IP Hider which masks your I.P. address and prevents your surfing habits and your browsing activity from being tracked.

Actually, IP Hider is a privacy protection tool that lets you surf the web anonymously. It can come handy if you live in a country which restricts access to certain websites and internet resources. In such a case, IP Hider will mask your I.P. address and you will be able to access those websites without any difficulty. In another situation, you might be banned from posting to some online forum or community. This tool can help you here also as your I.P will be masked and you will be visiting that forum from another address. It can also hide your I.P. while you are chatting.

IP Hider is available only for the Windows platform. It’s easy to install and requires minimum system requirements. It works with IE, Firefox and also with Google Chrome.

Try the fully functional version of IP Hider now. Try it at your own risk cause once you use it, you’ll die to buy the full version!

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Aman September 19, 2008 at 2:30 pm

I will try ip hider. It seems to be good.

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